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American Stepfamilies
By William R. Beer. The author probes the conflicts that arise between parents and children and among stepsiblings and explores the different strategies that stepfamilies devise for resolving these tensions.

Ancient Stepmothers: Myth, Misogyny, & Reality
By Patricia A. Watson. Ancient Stepmothers is the first full-length study of the stepmother in Graeco-Roman antiquity. Several perspectives are covered: literary, historical and sociological, the last-mentioned making use of comparative material from modern studies of stepfamilies.

Becoming an Adult Stepchild: Adjusting to a Parent's New Marriage
By Pearl Ketover Prilik & Pearl Ketover Prilik. New York psychotherapist Prilik offers advice to adults who are upset when their parents remarry. She explains how to examine the underlying issues and feelings the family change engenders and to use the situation to reduce the inherent tension, initiate personal growth, reconnect with an estranged parent, and learn now to cope with uncertainty and change. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Changing Families: An Ethnographic Approach to Divorce & Separation
By Bob Simpson.

Combined Family; A Guide to Creating Successful Step-Relationships
By Taube S. Kaufman & T. S. Kaufman. In this essential guide to understanding individual family roles and the nuances within step-relationships, Kaufman empathetically details the hopelessness of children as they deal with the loss of a past family life, while adjusting to a new household of dual expectations. Glossary of creative terms included.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Stepparenting
By Ericka Lutz. Tips on dealing with step-sibling rivalry, coping with teenagers, and cooperating with birth parents and grandparents--all are covered in this helpful guide designed to the approximately 1,300 new stepfamilies formed every year in America.

Developing Healthy Stepfamilies: Twenty Families Tell Their Stories
By Patricia Kelley.

Divorce & New Beginnings: An Authoritative Guide to Recovery and Growth, Solo Parenting, and Stepfamilies
By Genevieve Clapp. A supportive, easy-to-read guide that takes readers step-by-step through each stage of divorce. From selecting an attorney to starting a new stepfamily, it provides insightful advice based on the latest research findings.

Embracing Your Father: How to Build the Relationship You Always Wanted With Your Dad
By Dr. Linda Nielsen. How every daughter can transform her relationship with her father. Based on her popular Fathers and Daughters course—the first in the country devoted to exploring father-daughter relationships.

Everything You Need to Know about Stepfamilies
By Bruce Glassman. Discusses the problems and adjustments involved in having only one parent in the family and what happens when that parent remarries, giving the child a stepfamily.

Family Rules: Helping Stepfamilies and Single Parents Build Happy Homes
By Jeannette Lofas. Incorporating lessons for making house rules work and showing how to establish guidelines and enforce them from the beginning.

Growing up in Stepfamilies
By Gill G. Barnes, Paul Thompson, Natasha Burchardt & Gwyneth Daniel.

How to Adopt Your Stepchild 4.2
By Frank Zagone & Mary Randolph. For many stepparents, adoption is a way to guarantee their family a solid footing. It's also a good way to avoid confusion over inheritance or guardianship. This California edition guide provides all the forms and step-by-step instructions necessary to complete an uncontested stepparent adoption. 192 pp.

How to Adopt Your Stepchildren
By Vika Andrel & Trudy McEachern (Editor).

How to Be a Good Stepmom
By Celia S. T. Casey.

How to Be a Wicked Stepmother: A Humorous Approach to a Serious Subject
By Kathleen Zamiar & Diane Stappers (Illustrator).

How to Win as a Stepfamily
By Emily B. Visher & John S. Visher.

I Have a New Family Now: Understanding Blended Families
By Robin Prince Monroe. Families change from time to time. Deaths, births, divorces, remarriages can all bring new people into a child's family. By using this book, parents can help children understand why they need not fear changes in their family, and how they're always in God's family

Impact of Divorce, Single Parenting & Stepparenting on Children
By E. Mavis Hetherington & Josephine D. Arasteh.

Intimate Worlds: How Families Thrive & Why They Fail
by Maggie Scarf. The major new work by the bestselling author of Intimate Partners reveals how one's family dynamic shapes his or her identity. At the book's core are the stories of four fascinating families and the different ways they enact the central issues of family life. National author media.

Keys to Successful Stepmothering
By Philippa Greene Mulford.

Keys to Successful Stepfathering
By Carl E. Pickhardt.

Lesbian Step Families: An Ethnography of Love
By Janet M. Wright.

Let's Talk about Living in a Blended Family
By Elizabeth Weitzman. Provides advice on how to accept and deal with the challenges of living in a stepfamily, or blended family.

Let's Talk about It: Stepfamilies
By Fred Rogers & Jim Judkis. From The Horn Book: In a simple, straightforward manner, Rogers describes the variety of feelings that children might have while coping with the changes brought about when their parents remarry, and he offers ways of dealing with some of the difficulties that arise. The well-composed photographs of two different families--one African-American, one white--provide specific examples to illustrate Rogers's more general statements.

Living in a Stepfamily
By Ruth Weber.

Living in a Stepfamily without Getting Stepped On
By Kevin Leman.

Living in Step
By Ruth Roosevelt & Jeannette Lofas.

Making It as a Stepparent: New Roles - New Rules
By Claire Gallant Berman. "...an excellent guide to help the remarried couple understand their situation. It gets rave reviews."--Roger B. Burt, Ph.D.

Making Peace in Your Stepfamily; Surviving and Thriving as Parents and Stepparents
By Harold H. Bloomfield & Robert B. Kory.The New York Times bestselling author of How to Survive the Loss of a Love now presents a valuable handbook combining personal experience and professional expertise for understanding and overcoming the inevitable conflicts within stepfamilies. The most important tools in any effort to make peace are the ability to understand and the willingness to cooperate.

Making the Best of Second Best: A Guide to Positive Stepparenting
By Kathleen Fox.

Merging Families: A Step by Step Guide for Blended Families
By Bobbie Reed.

Mother and Son; A Memoir
Michael Sledge. In 1970, Michael Sledge's mother was stranded by a divorce she neither expected nor wanted. She was thirty-six years old, with five children and no money of her own, unprepared to face life as a single mother.In a beautifully written, almost novelistic memoir, Sledge recalls his childhood and his mother, who covered her children with love as if it were a great umbrella. Always at the heart of this radiant story of family life is a celebration of a mother's generous and guileless spirit, which uplifts her loved ones even in the worst of times.

My Step Family
By Julie Johnson & Christopher O'Neill. Young people in stepfamilies describe how they cope with having stepbrothers, stepsisters, and stepparents and offer tips on dealing with change in your family.

Not a Wicked Stepmother
By Michael P. Steiner.

Pacts Booksource
by Pact

Parenting the Other Chick's Eggs, Vol. 1
By Ruth-Ann Clurman & National Press Publications Staff (Editor).

Perpetual Calendar of Understanding for the Stepfamily... a Mini-Book
By Elaine A. McClaren.

Positive Discipline for Blended Families: Nurturing Harmony, Respect, & Unity in Your New Stepfamily
By Jane Nelsen With Cheryl Erwin. The newest addition to the Positive Discipline Series gives step-families practical, useful information for creating harmonious relationships.

Readymade Family: How to Be a Stepparent & Survive
By AndrGe Bustanoby.

Relative Strangers
By William R. Beer (Editor). The authors have demonstrated depth of knowledge of stepfamily dynamics in their thoughtful and detailed appraisals of important but little studied aspects of stepfamily living. . . . In pushing past the boundaries of common knowledge, the authors have made important contributions to the thinking and skills of clinicians and family researchers.

Remarriage & Stepparenting: Current Research & Theory
By Marilyn Ihinger-Tallman & Kay Pasley (Editor).

Remarried with Children: Questions & Answers for Happier Stepfamilies
By Stephen H. Wilson , M. Karen Kegelmeyer & Alan Dupre-Clark.

Second Time around; Why Some Marriages Fail while Others Succeed
By Louise H. Janda & Ellen MacCormack.

So What Am I Doing in a Step-Family?
By Claire Gallant Berman, Dick Wilson (Illustrator). With more and more parents divorcing and remarrying, children's feelings and fears about their new families are often overlooked. This book takes a candid approach to the sensitive issues involved and helps parents and children address the tough problems which can result from a blended family. Full-color illustrations.

Split Ends: Teenage Stepchildren
By Ruth Webber.

Step by Step; A Guide to Stepfamily Living
By Don Martin, Ph.D. & Maggie Martin Ed.D.

Step-by Step-Parenting: A Guide to Successful Living with a Blended Family
By James D. Eckler.

By Peter Sanders & Steve Myers, Mike Lacey (Illustrator). Explores the different nature of stepfamilies, examining the difficulties, pleasures, and issues involved in becoming part of a stepfamily.

Stepfamilies: A Guide to Working with Stepparents & Stepchildren
By Emily B. Visher & John S. Visher.

Stepfamilies: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective
By Roni Berger.

Stepfamilies and the Law
By Margaret M. Mahoney. In this resource for parents, children, grandparents, and other caregivers involved in nontraditional family relationships, the author goes far beyond the anticipated issues of custody and visitation and covers inheritance, property rights, workmen's compensation benefits, and even liability for damage caused by a stepchild.

Stepfamilies: History, Research, & Policy
By Irene Levin (Editor) & Marvin B. Sussman (Editor). Examines the language use, laws, cultural stereotypes, media images, and social policies and practices that contribute to views about stepfamilies and their members in mainstream western culture.

Stepfamilies in Therapy: Understanding Systems, Assessment, and Intervention
By Don Martin, Maggie Martin & Pat Jeffers. This book provides comprehensive information and guidance for addressing the special needs and problems of stepfamilies in therapy. It examines the complex issues facing stepfamilies including grief over divorce, child custody and visitation disputes, unrealistic expectations of family life, and confusing relationships with extended family - and offers approaches for effective assessment and treatment.

Stepfamilies: Love, Marriage, & Parenting in the First Ten Years - Based on a Landmark Study
By James H. Bray & John Kelly. Based on a landmark study, the nation's leading expert on stepfamilies reveals his breakthrough findings and offers a detailed guide to easing the conflicts of stepfamily life and healing the scars of divorce.

Stepfamilies; Myths and Realities
By Emily B. Visher & John S. Visher. A thoughtful and compassionate guide to the stepfamily that explains the importance of understanding its special nature and its difference from the nuclear family.

Stepfamilies Stepping Ahead: An Eight-Step Program for Successful Family Living
By Mala S. Burt (Editor).

Stepfamilies: The Restructuring Process
By Judy Osborne.

Stepfamilies: The Step by Step Model of Brief Therapy
By Mala S. Burt Roger B. Burt. A social worker and a psychologist offer their approach to counselling stepfamilies. It highlights simplicity and flexibility; a collaborative process between client and therapist; and realistic perspectives, strategies, and tools to help clients be more in control of the stepfamily process.

Stepfamily: Living, Loving & Learning
By Elizabeth A. Einstein.

Stepfamily Problems: How to Solve Them
By Tom Frydenger & Adrienne Frydenger. Stepfamily Problems provides straightforward, down-to-earth answers about the whos, the whys, and the whens of anger, resentment, and conflicts blended families experience. Families are given the tools they need to resolve conflict and foster teamwork.

Stepfamily Puzzle: Intergenerational Influences
By Craig A. Everett (Editor).

Stepfamily Realities: How to Overcome Difficulties & Have a Happy Family
By Margaret Newman.

By Tony Gorman, Mike Signorella (Illustrator), Tom Jones (Photographer).

Stepkin Stories: Helping Children Cope with Divorce and Adjust to Stepfamilies
By Peggy Lumpkin.

Stepmotherhood: How to Survive without Feeling Frustrated, Left Out, or Wicked
By Cherie Burns. A sensitive, realistic handbook for the large population of stepmothers. "Part of the book's charm is its avoidance of glib reassurance and false cheer...."--Publisher's Weekly

By Donna Smith.

By Robin Lucas. Important areas covered include: protecting the adults' relationship; money, wills and other minefields; and sex, jealousy and rivalries. If you signed up for a loving partnership forgetting that this included his children every day of the week or even every second weekend, this book is for you.

Stepmothers Try Harder
By P. Humphrey, Mort Gerberg (Illustrator).

By Jean Rosenbaum & Veryl Rosenbaum.

By Jeannette Lofas.

Stepparenting: Everything You Need to Know to Make It Work
By Jeannette Lofas & Dawn B. Sova.

Stepparenting: Issues in Theory, Research, & Practice
By Marilyn Ihinger-Tallman & Kay Pasley (Editor). A critical analysis of the current literature on stepparenting and summary of the progress made in research, theory, and practice related to stepfamilies.

Step-Parents Survival Guide: Positive Advice for Achieving a Successful Step-Family
By Hilary Boyd.Special attention is given to the part-time stepfamily. You'll find the answers to your most pressing questions--including whether you have to love your new stepchild--and see that you can be one happy family!...From The Publisher.

Step-Spouse: Phantom Relationships with Real Impact
By Paul Nongard Richard K. Nongard.

Strangers in the House: The World of Stepsiblings & Half-Siblings
By William R. Beer (Editor). This book begins to fill a gap in the stepfamily literature. The children's voices are the book's strength, as when they cogently elucidate the experience of moving from only to oldest, or from youngest to middle child.

Strengthening Stepfamilies
By Elizabeth A. Einstein & Linda Albert.

Strengthening Your Stepfamily
By Elizabeth A. Einstein & Linda Albert. A practical guide for the ever increasing numbers of men, women and children who are part of stepfamilies.

Survivor's Guide to Step-Parenting
By Jim Stokes.

Therapy with Stepfamilies
By Emily B. Visher & John S. Visher. The fresh, new presentation in this book has been designed for conciseness, yet at the same time does not sacrifice a comprehensive look at this topic. The Vishers have crafted a book that will be equally useful to therapists working with stepfamilies, to those not familiar with the field, and as a text for therapy training programs. (From The Publisher)

Understanding Stepfamilies; Implications for Assessment and Treatment
By Debra K. Huntley.

Understanding Stepfamilies: Their Structure & Dynamics
By Craig A. Everett (Editor).

What Am I Doing in a Stepfamily?
By Claire Berman, Dick Wilson (Illustrator). Advice for children of divorced or remarried parents on adjusting to life with a stepfamily.

Where Do I Belong? A Kids' Guide to Stepfamilies
By Buff Bradley, Maryann Cocca-Leffler (Illustrator). This straightforward book is a comprehensive discussion of the feelings that children might have about their parents' divorces and remarriages.(From Beth G. Wisecup - Science Books & Films)

Willing to Try Again: Steps toward Blending a Family
By Dick Dunn.

Winning the Heart of Your Stepchild
By Robert G. Barnes. A hands-on guidebook for today's men and women who face the special challenge of blending families. It is an indespensable road map for new moms and dads who want one vibrant, happy, blended family.

Women & Stepfamilies
By Nan B. Maglin & Nancy Schniedewind (Editor)

You're a Stepparent... Now What? - A Supportive Guide for Stepmothers & Stepfathers
By Joseph Cerquone.

Yours, Mine, & Ours: How Families Change when Remarried Parents Have a Child Together
By Anne C. Bernstein. Based on the author's experience as a family therapist and stepmother, and on interviews with more than fifty families, this book explores the ramifications for all concerned--remarried parents, his children, her children, and their baby--of having a mutual child.


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