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Held at Stepping Stones Counseling Center
Stepfamilies are rapidly growing in number but are rarely seen as a cohesive force. Promoting a renewed sense of family, a desire to empower all members within the stepfamily, and a hope to increase the statistics on remarriage is a top priority of Stepping Stones Counseling Center. Articles in newspapers and magazines focusing on our lifestyle will promote the normalization of living in-step and overcome prejudices about stepfamilies. Educating teachers, mental health professionals, the clergy, and politicians will help to have our lifestyle better understood. Training workshops for parents, adolescents, and children will teach understanding within our ranks. Counseling services will build relationship skills, better understanding of differences, and help stepfamily members to map their new territory. We hope you will support our Center's goal of building a STEPFAMILY COMMUNITY.

Many workshops are free and require pre-registration via email or telephone. Name(s), address, and phone number are needed for email registration. A confirmation will be returned by email or phone contact. Space is limited so register early.
Stepmom Support Group

Next stepmom support group meeting Thursday, February 16 at 7 PM. Please contact the group coordinator, Kristen, at to register and get more information.

The group will discuss stepmom concerns and stepfamily life including children, husbands and partners, former spouses, new family issues, finances, etc.

All stepmoms are welcome to join. The group is peer-led and there is no cost for participation. The group will be limited to eight women so please hurry if you would like to join.

Successful Stepparenting

For Stepparents Only!
This workshop is designed to give step-parents a deeper and broader understanding of stepparenting with children of various ages. Suggestions and tips will be provided to help step-parents improve their communication and relationships with spouses and stepchildren. An open discussion will follow the presentation. (A follow-up workshop may be offered for biological parents and stepparents together.)

Workshop Presenter: Dr. Nancy Lerner, Clinical Psychologist, Specializing in Child and Adolescent Psychology

To be offered again, Fall 2016

Making Your Stepfamily Work:
  A Workshop For Parents

Information on adapting to stepfamily life, helping the child or adolescent in-step, and dealing with common concerns that cause everyone stress (i.e. discipline, loyalty conflicts, former partners, power struggles). Workshop Leader: Robert Klopfer, L.C.S.W., Co-Director

Location: Stepping Stones Counseling Center

To be offered again, Fall 2016
Dealing With The Former Wife: A Workshop for Men

How to avoid battles, work things out, and assert yourself when needed with your former spouse. Help for men to lower their stress level and be a more effective father with their kids.Workshop Leader: Dr. Arthur Honan, LCSW

To be offered again, Fall 2016
(A minimum of five men are needed to hold the workshop.)

Post Divorce Mediation in Stepfamilies

In many stepfamilies, issues from the prior marriage intrude on a too-often basis. Join our on-staff mediation/clinician who helps families to resolve visitation conflicts, discipline, boundary issues, and values. Learn to parent-apart together. Sharon Klempner, LCSW

To be offered again, Fall 2016

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